1 пт, 8 пт, 12 вт февраля в 11:00

Практикум «Школа  Коммуникации»

Цель данного курса – расширить и развить навыки общения между людьми и потенциальными клиентами, научиться действовать и создавать рекламные продукты в условиях высокой конкурентности и современного рынка.
Блок школы рекламы состоит из 3 занятий по 2 академических часа.
Темы занятий:
— Представление своих услуг на рынке
— Психология коммуникации
— Ведение деловой переписки
— Современные принципы веб-дизайна
— Шрифтовое решения текста
— Образ и текст рекламного модуля
— Использование узора в современном дизайне
— Инфографика
— Роль фотографии в рекламе
— Open Space
Приглашаются стажёры и желающие повысить свои навыки в сфере коммуникации, общения и рекламы.




Method «αβ- Well»

Representative services

The Center of Language Education «Traversa School» was founded in 1994.
More than 4000 students have graduated from our school.

We currently offer English, German, Italian and Spanish, while the classes are intended for adults and children over 10 years old. Groups are formed according to proficiency level and students’ age with certificate being issued at the end of the course.

English language school «Traversa School» in Strogino is known as one of the first private schools for teaching foreign languages in North West of Moscow. Our graduates are, in turn, bringing their children to learn English. And some of our students have become teachers themselves, which is marvelous, since tradition and continuity of generations is a sign of stability and professionalism.

English courses in Strogino have become quite common, and you can now see a lot of new beautiful buildings in the area. In this respectable, clean area in North West of Moscow education has always been a priority. In addition, from the very beginning, the area has seen a settlement of large families. It’s evident that parents of adolescents are not always happy with English teachers in schools or they believe that the load is not adequate.

Thus, while looking for a good English language school in Strogino adults and teenagers are often disappointed. Sometimes they do not believe they have the ability to learn a foreign language at all.

TRAVERSA foreign language school has developed an individual positive approach in each case. Rates are highly competitive, while schedule for group day and evening classes are very convenient. Of course, foreign language is better and more effective to study in a group, because one is able to communicate with people of matching skills.
Identifying student’s level of English takes place during the first meeting. During the interview with an experienced professional, a student can also get an idea of his or her own ability to express ideas and listening skills. In addition, the school provides free access to the first lesson, which allows to evaluate the teacher, and other aspects of the methodology, before decision is made regarding studying in our school.

Foreign language teachers are trained in the form of seminars organized by TRAVERSA SCHOOL here in Strogino. The team of teachers apply a technique called «WELL alpha-beta.» Application of this method showed good results in learning foreign languages.

Participation of the subconscious, rapid memorization, activation of the articulatory apparatus, communicative approach, verbalization of positive emotions all are the main components and the reason for successful mastery of foreign languages in a short time.

Veronica Lunina
philologist and linguist, cultural educator, the author of the method of «Well alpha-beta»
May 5, 2014, Budva.

ON –LINE order booking for documents TRANSLATION and notary certification

The great demand for translation of documents is connected with the current political situation. More and more citizens from the near abroad come to Moscow, sometimes whole families for work and citizenship of the Russian Federation. Our translation agency in Strogino has been providing citizens with services for the translation of all types of documents into Russian for more than 20 years.
In most cases, this is the translation of a passport, driver’s license, diploma, work record book, marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, etc.
All these documents are notarized. The notary certifies only original documents. If there are
discrepancies in the spelling of the name and surnames or other inaccuracies, this can cause a
verification problem. Having accumulated a lot of experience, our employees cope with the most difficult cases in notarized translations. Among our clients there are sports and art figures who often have to travel abroad, parents who certify the permission to leave an underage child in the EU. Often we are approached by administrative and law enforcement agencies to identify individuals, citizens of other republics. Often these are citizens of Central Asia and Transcaucasia. Translation of documents for citizens of Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Tajikistan, the Baltic States has become a part of the daily work of our office for the past 20 years.
Currently, we are making efforts to facilitate the task of translating documents for foreign citizens. To do this, we modernize the way we accept documents. ON –LINE order booking of documents online will allow citizens, without departing from the computer, to send documents for transfer and receive a ready notarized passport, diploma or driver’s license by courier at home. Despite the fact that our translation bureau is located in Strogino, the citizens of all regions of Moscow, Krasnogorsk, Zvenigorod and the Moscow region apply for the transfer of their passports and other vital documents.
e-mail : traversa@inbox.ru