Montenegro 20-24 April 2023
PETROVATS, hotel "Riviera"

International Conference “New Dimensions in Programming. metaphysical approach.

Dear friends,

We cordially invite you to take part in an international conference that will bring together people of intellectual work associated with information technology, programming and website developers.

At present, as is known, most specialists in this field, performing important professional tasks that are time-consuming and require enormous mental effort, are not always able to take care of their health and ensure a balance between work and leisure.

In this regard, we have tried to prepare a program that aims to introduce you to the optimal balance algorithm for mental and physical stress.

Nowadays, scientists pin great hopes on artificial intelligence as an assistant that frees them from hard work. At the same time, more and more requirements are placed on natural intelligence, on the need to memorize a vast amount of information. Thus, the question is which resource is stronger.

So what is the natural intelligence that we all carry, regardless of age, race, nationality or religion? A well-known coach, a specialist in metaphysics and practical spirituality.

Sonya Ohlson. The host of the 4-day international program in Montenegro is an experienced coach from Europe, a representative of the World Spiritual University Brama Kumaris, an expert in the field of ecology and solar energy Sonya Ohlson (Denmark).

The program of the event is designed for several days with the possibility of staying at the hotel during the conference. There are also 3 meals a day vegetarian food and leisure.

The cost of participation, including accommodation and meals 170 euros

The hotel has a beach and a tennis court.
You will be offered morning and evening theoretical classes and practical exercises for concentration and relaxation of the intellect.

We will be glad for your participation.